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"Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strain and overuse. Rolfing supports structural realignment for greater efficiency of movement and more precise movement."

- Dr. Karl Ullis, Olympic Physician

Improve your body posture

  • Better Body Posture
  • Better Flexibility
  • Better Balanced
  • Chronic Pain Free

Improve your body posture

Rolfing Structural Integration is not simply massage, but a system of deep manipulation of the fascia that aims to restructure the tissues that surround all muscles, bones, nerves and relieve physical misalignment and pain.

Rolfing’s ultimate goal, along with resetting alignment patterns in the body, is to improve movement and posture, reduce stress and create an overall sense of well-being.

 “You become more in touch with your body, experience less pain and stress, improve your posture, even release repressed emotions and diminish habitual muscle tension. People who have experienced Rolfing often find an improvement in their professional and daily activities.” Andrew Weil, MD

“People who have been rolfed report that they feel lighter, taller and have more energy.img05
They no longer suffer any restriction or pain from their body and feel more flexible.
As their bodies are released, they feel more confident and project a better image of themselves.
They are more positive in the way of thinking and are more open to new possibilities presenting in their life.”

Joachim Creten, Certified Advanced Rolfer™