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Improve your body posture

By improving your body posture you will get your balance, flexibility, strength, and range of motion back and projecting a new image of yourself to the others.



“Of all the forces affecting the human body, the gravity is among the most powerful. We want to get a person out of the place where the gravity is their enemy. We want to get them into the place where the gravity reinforce them and is a friend, a nourishing force.” Dr. Ida Rolf

What is Rolfing and what are the Benefits?For over 45 years people of all ages and walks of life have been coming to Rolfing for help with neck pain, back problems, impaired mobility and other difficulties. Others seek to improve athletic performance, enhance personal/psychological growth and improve posture. The main focus of Rolfing is actually whole body structural integration and functional efficiency, as opposed to symptom relief.  One of the key things distinguishing Rolfing from many other  body-based approaches is what makes the Rolfing method so powerful: In the process of balancing the whole body many symptoms and conditions improve. However,  it is usually an unresolved chronic symptom or condition that first brings most people to give Rolfing a try.

Reduce Aches and Pains : You are likely to have less pain and tension in your body as it becomes more balanced and symmetrical, allowing for more functional, efficient movement. Rolfing can help restore effective functioning following injury, accident and repetitive strain. People often come to Rolfing for help with low back pain, neck tension, headaches, and recurring athletic injuries.

Improve Posture and Alignment : You will sit and stand straighter and taller with less effort. You will breathe more easily and fully and look and feel lighter.

Reduce stress and aid emotional Health : A freer, more responsive and comfortable body will support you in every part of your life. Many people find Rolfing an aide to their psychological, emotional and spiritual growth and development. As deep patterns of tension and holding are released in the body we have new possibilities in how we respond to others and life in general.

Improve Flexibility: You may have easier movement and wider range of motion in joints as fascial restrictions are released. Older people will appreciate the sense of youthfulness that Rolfing produces as it restores earlier freedom of movement and grace.

Jim Mongomery, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. “I send a variety of my clients to a Certified Advanced Structural integrator. People with shoulder and elbow problems, with scar tissue resulting from injury or surgery, chronic hamstring problems, low back and cervical spine problems. People that have had chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else. All those people can be helped with Structural integration body work.”

“I think Rolfing can be a great way to get more in touch with your body and change long-standing problems of bad posture and chronic pain (like back pain). It can also release repressed emotions as we dissipate habitual muscle tension.”
-Andrew Weil, M.D.

Rolfing Structural Integration positive impact on daily living.

Are you going to the chiropractor for chronic pain: Do you find that you enjoy short term relief from the pain, but find yourself returning sooner than you’d like?
The chiropractor moves your bone alignment, however if the fascia (connective tissue) surrounding the muscle is not addressed the fascia will pull the bone back out of alignment. The Certified Rolfer™ works on the fascia, repositions the muscle to support the proper bone alignment resulting in longer lasting relief.
Rolfing is a hand on technique working on connective tissues (fascia). by reset the fascia in the right place, the muscles are rebalanced, releasing bone tension. Rolfing Technique is very complementary to Chiropractic treatment.

Are you in chronic pain and weary of being over-prescribed by tradition doctors?
Our prescription is rest, connect to your body for the next 3-4 days after your Rolf Session and drink lots of water. Rolfing Technique helps the body to regain a natural body posture in relation to gravity. Therefore your neck, shoulder, low back, knees, hip, foot restriction/pain are addressed and freed of pain during each session.

Do you want to regain your youthful active lifestyle & Joie de Vivre?
After the first 3 sessions you will experience changes such as feeling lighter, taller, energize and balanced. Others will notice an improvement in your posture & disposition. You actually will feel like your younger self. Rolfing helps you to regain strength, flexibility and the joy of living pain-free.

Do you suffer from repetitive motion injury/tension due to your career our hobbies?
Your daily activities make a permanent muscle memory. The 10 session Rolfing Protocol will rewind the memory and bring you back to a place where the muscle is not coiled-up from the repeated action. The Certified Rolfer™ will then advise you on how to use your body more efficiently so that you may resume activities w/out making a negative imprint on your body.

Has your mind/body suffered a trauma?
Our emotional selves manifests in our physical in many different ways. The relief one gets in Rolfing often releases long held emotional tensions found throughout the body from various traumas (bike accident, child birth, sports injuries, abuse, divorce, etc…)

Are you looking for an alternative from surgery?
After a 10 Series Protocol many clients have reported such improvement that they have postponed and/or cancelled surgeries.

You are taking care about yourself by going to the gym and have massage regularly and wonder “Why would I need Rolfing?”
Unlike traditional Massage therapies, after the 10 Series Protocol it is not necessary to see your Certified Rolfer™ on a weekly basis. The recommended maintenance schedule varies based on the individuals personal history. It can be as frequent as once a month or as in frequently as every 3 months.

Rolfing For Athletes : “I always practice many sport since my early age from team sport to individual sport. When an athlete comes to my practice with physical issues, I visualize the sport movement, and I am looking for a pattern in their body from head to toes, then I address the fascia tissue to reset the body to this optimal physical capacity in relation with the gravity”. This process helps the athlete to regain strength, flexibility and confidence for future training and competition”Joachim Creten, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Olympic MD, Dr Karl Ullis of Santa Monica, CA, who has worked with Olympic athletes in track and field says, “The Olympic athletes wouldn’t have as many injuries if they had soft tissue manipulation. Rolfing is valuable for all athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and the disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, scarring and injury. Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strain and overuse. Sports therapies help with circulation and relaxation but Rolfing supports structural realignment for greater efficiency of movement and more precise movement.”