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How old do you think you are ?

November 20th, 2017 by Joachim Creten

When you find that you are young in your head but your body tells you the opposite you have the feeling that you are becoming old. What you think happens, you become old so you are.
I have good news that the brain controls the body and not the other way around.
Excuses are always there to promote laziness and complaining, pushing you towards the easy way. You like walking with your walker aid or without. Without and being able to hold yourself straight on your legs, you look like 10 years younger and closer to your “young” state of mind. With, you can not walk without falling so I have a walker aid; your brain has become the slave of your body, the “walker aid” and your way of thinking are proof of it.
Some people have given you a walker aid as a companion for the rest of your life and you have accepted it by default of other alternatives.
Every day, I help my clients to find a better posture, a better balance, a better mobility. Some have multiple physical problems. They decided not to let their bodies take control of their destiny in their lives. For some it’s easier than others, but all of them make efforts, and very hard for some to change. I admire their courage and still today stupefied by the changes in their lives.
What do you want to be?