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I often recommend to my client between Rolfing session to slow down any Sport/training activity and to switch to activities as  Pilate or Yoga for a while to improve better posture results. All those two  activities are very complementary to Rolfing Structural Integration. Here an article related to fascia explaining what is fascia?  

During The Carmicheal Training Camp in Santa Ynez, Ca,  Certified Rolfers , Siggi Schoen and Joachim Creten, owner of Terra Massage will be working with athletes helping their bodies recover from the day’s cycling activities. The focus of the work will be on leg mobility/ROM, breathing improvement, low back and neck.

. . World Class Trainer, Chris Carmichael, has opened a new training camp based in the Santa Ynez Valley. We have been invited to their first Climbing Camp for Cyclist July 6th to 9th. In addition to riding with the Athletes, we will provide Sport Massage at the end of each day. This is a … Read more