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How to wear high heel shoes and be confortable in your feet…

I was invited by a long time client, Corey Evans (owner of Dr. J’s, Bike Shop in Solvang, CA), to do a presentation on Rolfing® Structural Integration and the relationship between posture and cycling performance to his Bike Club. In preparing for this, I recalled Mary Bond’s video on YouTube  about the benefits of modifying … Read more

Terra Massage has been part of the Carmichael Camp for 3 years, offering 30 to 60 min post-event massages depending on the needs of each camp. I became a Certified Rolfer® last year and was looking forward to a new camp this month, working on athletes after their bike rides. I invited this time, Siggi … Read more

During The Carmicheal Training Camp in Santa Ynez, Ca,  Certified Rolfers , Siggi Schoen and Joachim Creten, owner of Terra Massage will be working with athletes helping their bodies recover from the day’s cycling activities. The focus of the work will be on leg mobility/ROM, breathing improvement, low back and neck.