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I was invited by a long time client, Corey Evans (owner of Dr. J’s, Bike Shop in Solvang, CA), to do a presentation on Rolfing® Structural Integration and the relationship between posture and cycling performance to his Bike Club. In preparing for this, I recalled Mary Bond’s video on YouTube  about the benefits of modifying … Read more

Our modern life push us to be more and more  in still position a lot.Driving,  at your desk for hours etc… Believe or not, your body starts to fatigue, muscle tension builds, you fell stiff and uncomfortable. You try to find another position for better comfort.  By changing from body position to another, you can finally find … Read more

Often when I meet new clients they ask for advice on maintaining their body posture and avoiding injuries. My answer always starts with the same sentence: ”Keep Moving” It is essential for living organism to keep moving .  When you observe monkeys in nature, even the oldest still climb trees, maybe at a slower pace, … Read more

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted to the Rolfing Institute, Boulder, Colorado the end of this year. Rolfing is a structural integration technique focusing on better heath through proper body posture. It was developed by Ida Rolf and has been embraced worldwide since the 1970s. My first experience w/Rolfing was a … Read more

. . World Class Trainer, Chris Carmichael, has opened a new training camp based in the Santa Ynez Valley. We have been invited to their first Climbing Camp for Cyclist July 6th to 9th. In addition to riding with the Athletes, we will provide Sport Massage at the end of each day. This is a … Read more