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A psychological trauma is imparted in the brain and thus in the body, or is it the opposite?. Is it possible to meet a depressive person with a well-positioned body posture accompanied by joyful words?. Mostly Life is very dark and boring. Everything connects perfectly. Most of my clients come for physical problems such as … Read more

The War on Gravity

View this post on Instagram An 1 year old arab horse with the base of tail wisted to the right, I am working the left side of the occiput area to release the tail tension. My left hand has a slight contact with his head. The horse has a total freedom to move as he … Read more

I was invited by a long time client, Corey Evans (owner of Dr. J’s, Bike Shop in Solvang, CA), to do a presentation on Rolfing® Structural Integration and the relationship between posture and cycling performance to his Bike Club. In preparing for this, I recalled Mary Bond’s video on YouTube  about the benefits of modifying … Read more

On my way to learn the heart of the structural integration technique of Dr. Rolf. during Unit II at The Rolf Institute in Bolder CO With Mary Bond, Certified Advance Rolfer over 30 years of experience learning Rolfing movements based on gentle technique improving body movement and Thomas Walker, Certified Advance Rolfer for over … Read more

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted to the Rolfing Institute, Boulder, Colorado the end of this year. Rolfing is a structural integration technique focusing on better heath through proper body posture. It was developed by Ida Rolf and has been embraced worldwide since the 1970s. My first experience w/Rolfing was a … Read more